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The World’s First Self-Powered Platform for the Industrial "Internet of Things."


Power, computing, surveillance, gunshot & hazard detection systems, transit oversight, and control, and more in any outdoor environment.

Artificial Intelligence - Applications Anywhere

The World’s First Self-Powered Platform for the Industrial IoT Seamlessly deploys power, computing, surveillance, gunshot & hazard detection systems, transit oversight, and control, and more in any outdoor environment.
Public Events and Transportation Security Revitalized with Innovative Technology Providing Sensing and Signaling Solutions; & Safeguarding Transportation Networks with Solar-Powered Surveillance Solutions That Can Be Rapidly Deployed In Just 30 Minutes.


A city’s public transit system has a great impact on its socioeconomic culture. New York City is not the Big Apple without its ubiquitous subways. Cities everywhere are expanding public transportation to spur economic growth, reduce congestion and build connections to underserved commuter pockets.

At the same time, increasingly mobile crime is a challenge for transportation and police departments as it puts a strain on resources. Quick and easy getaway options embolden and enable criminals, creating unsafe conditions for commuters and nearby communities.

Transportation systems are also targeted by terrorists who frequently prey on them because of the high concentration of people and the difficulty of securing all paths.

“Securing assets has always been a challenge and I`ve been in the public transportation business for over 26 years. Knowing that our assets are being protected by Artificial Intelligence that’s running on portable, edge computers frees up leaders in the organization to focus on their core business.”

Felix Marten, Superintendent Systems Maintenance, BART (Retired)

Even with the best available traditional tools:

  • It is challenging to place security personnel in all the areas that are experiencing crime or are susceptible to it

  • Commuters’ vulnerability to security threats extend beyond the trains and stations themselves and into the parking lots that are easy targets because of a general lack of surveillance

  • Third-party information transferred to law enforcement (i.e. calls to 911) are not always credible or accurate

Whether it is employee safety, situational awareness, gunshot detection or deterring theft/crime, you need a portable solution that you can deploy rapidly wherever it is needed.

Edge Solutions

  • What We Need for Transit Oversight, and to Secure Public Venues and Transportation Systems
  • Portable, self-powered units that can be deployed quickly
  • Quickly deploy security solutions in under 30 minutes per unit
  • Technology that is user-friendly and mobile
  • Analytics at the edge, generating real-time alerts sent to any smart device
  • Easy-to-expand security coverage for special events

End-to-End Functionality

High resolution video surveillance

Actionable Video Analytics

Accurate Gunshot Detection

Continuous bullet-resistant onboard intelligence,
storage and wireless power